iOS Funding Blitz

Funding Goal: 35% 😙

$317 out of $898.88 have been raised. Last updated May 18 at 16:20pm.

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I hate asking for money — I prefer to earn it. But today I'm going to do something I hate because it will benefit the project and make Postleaf available to millions of users who don't have desktops or laptops.

Right now, the last major issue in Postleaf 1.0 alpha is editing in iOS. This needs quite a bit of improvement. The toolbar often goes offscreen when the virtual keyboard appears. The page scrolls sporadically when you select things. In some cases, it's nearly impossible to create or edit posts because of these issues.

I designed Postleaf to be completely responsive. I didn't want to omit features simply because of a user's screen size. If you try the demo, you'll notice the UI has been meticulously crafted to make every feature available on every device, regardless of size. This was no easy feat considering I wasn't willing to sacrifice elegance to make it happen.

In fact, the only place where Postleaf falls short of this goal is the editor. The editor is the most complex part of the app and, unlike everything else, it can't be tested by simply resizing the screen. The virtual keyboard and Safari Mobile's fixed positioning quirks more or less require you to have a physical device to properly test things.


Earlier this week, I learned that my MOSS application was rejected by Mozilla.

Maybe Postleaf isn't mature enough. Maybe it doesn't have enough stars on GitHub. For whatever reason, Mozilla didn't feel it would be worth their while to provide a grant to Postleaf at this time. I guess we're on our own now.

All the objectives I outlined in my MOSS application involved making Postleaf accessible to more users and one of the best ways to achieve that is by making it work flawlessly on iOS devices.

Funding Objective

I currently have a 1st and 2nd gen iPad. Neither can run the latest iOS and both are slow as a dog. They're basically useless for development. I do have a current iPhone so I'm all set there, but most users aren't going to be writing posts from their phones.

So today I'm launching a funding blitz to raise $898.88 for a new iPad:

I'm aiming for the iPad Pro because it supports the official Smart Keyboard which is critical for testing a publishing platform on iOS.

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Android users: I do not have an Android device to test on. I chose iOS for this blitz because of demand. If there's sufficient demand for Android, I will address that at a later time. Thanks for understanding.

How Funds Will Be Used

Funds raised during this blitz will be used to procure the hardware described above so I can properly test and improve Postleaf's editor in iOS.

If the funding goal is exceeded, additional funds will be rolled over into the next funding blitz. I will only use money from fundraisers to improve Postleaf and make it more accessible for everyone.

I will update the progress of this funding blitz at least twice a day. You can check the status any time at the top of this post.

How Else Can I Help?

You can help by tweeting a link to this page or by posting it to Facebook or any other social network you might use. (Use the icons below to share this page.)

This funding blitz isn't only to raise money, it's also to raise awareness. Every dollar and every share will benefit Postleaf.

Thanks for contributing, sharing, and for supporting open source software! 💙💚