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Filter Reference

Filters are used to transform a variable before outputting it. You can pipe a variable through one or more filters using the | character.

Dust.js ships with the following built-in filters.

Helper Reference

Helpers are sort of like template functions. Use them to handle basic logic and transform template data in robust ways.

Helpers are always prefixed with @ so you won't confuse them with variables. The syntax for helpers in Dust.js is as follows:

Themes Overview

Postleaf themes are built with Dust.js templates.

Dust.js is an open source, modern templating engine designed to work well in Node.js environments. The project is maintained by LinkedIn, and is quite popular with JavaScript projects.

Installing Postleaf On DigitalOcean

This post will show you how to install Postleaf on a DigitalOcean droplet and configure Nginx as a reverse proxy. You'll also learn how to use pm2 to keep the app running, and optionally install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.

To complete this tutorial, you'll need a DigitalOcean account and an SMTP provider for sending transactional email.

Dynamic Images

I believe software should be smarter than we expect it to be. People shouldn't have to think about resizing images when they're writing a blog post. They should just drag, drop, and continue writing.

So why is it that we expect users to resize their own images before uploading them? We've all been here before: