Introducing Postleaf

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Build your next blog or website with a beautifully designed, open source publishing platform created for the modern web.

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Inline Editing

The first open source platform to feature a true WYSIWYG experience. Create your content on a page, not in a form.

Beautifully Designed

A minimal admin panel that just makes sense. Postleaf has everything you need, but nothing you don’t.

Dynamic Images

Images are optimized and served responsively without any effort from the user. Never worry about images that are “too big” ever again.

Semantic Markup

Styles are defined by your theme, not your users. No more arbitrary fonts and colors. Focus more on content and less on design.

Simple Backups

Backup your data, themes, and uploads. Postleaf generates a single zip file for everything, and simple JSON exports that are easy to work with.

Open Source

Postleaf is a free, open, and decentralized publishing platform. Everyone is welcome to use it and contribute to the project.

Introducing Postleaf

Postleaf is the product of three years of effort by creator Cory LaViska. At some point, blogging and content management became a chore. Cory wanted to build a publishing platform that made them enjoyable again.

Postleaf features a beautifully minimal design. It's one of the most intuitive content management experiences in the world. It's everything you need and nothing you don't in a simple, powerful, decentralized, open source platform.

Sound familiar? Postleaf was released in 2016 as a PHP application. From January – April 2017, it was completely redesigned for Node.js.


Here are some of Postleaf's most notable features. This list isn't comprehensive, but it should give you an idea of what Postleaf can do.

  • Open source, built on Node.js
  • Inline editing (with distraction-free "zen mode")
  • Automatic responsive images ✨
  • Custom Themes via Dust.js (similar to Twig and Handlebars)
  • Create posts and pages
  • Organize posts with tags
  • Fast, built-in search
  • Integrated file manager
  • Out of the box support for JSON-LD, OpenGraph, and Twitter Cards
  • Multi-user ready with four roles (owner, admin, editor, contributor)
  • Spotlight-style search
  • Quick post feature for micro blogging and adding ideas
  • Localization (feel free to contribute a translation)
  • Post history
  • Simple backups (data, themes, and uploads)
  • Completely decentralized
  • Learn more about features, try a demo, or grab the source

Alpha Testing Underway 🚧

Postleaf is considered feature complete for the 1.0 roadmap, but you may find bugs or see API changes before the stable version is released.

Please report bugs to the issue tracker. 🐛

Meet the Developer

Cory LaViska

I'm Cory, the creator of Postleaf and Surreal CMS. I've been building content management systems for well over a decade.

The idea for Postleaf came from a desire for publishing software that's open, free, and beautifully designed. Writing should be an enjoyable experience, and software should be smarter than it currently is to facilitate that.

I'm known for my simple, minimal design tendencies and those definitely make an appearance in Postleaf.

For the last three years, I've self-funded this project with hopes of taking it mainstream. I'd love to work on Postleaf 100% of the time, but building a sustainable open source project takes time. You have to start somewhere. So here it is.

If you're interested in sponsoring Postleaf, please reach out to me on Twitter (DMs are open).